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The world of Berkel slicers and scales of the time


Today, after more than a century of history, Berkel slicers and scales continue to enjoy a vast market and a great reputation.

The oldest Berkel flywheel slicers are still appreciated for their mechanical precision, for the quality of the materials and also for their refined elegance.
They have become real cult objects, therefore sought after and listed by collectors and antique dealers from all over the world.

The Officina dei Ricordi, located in the Province of Parma in Italy, everywhere searches for these rare objects and restores them with love and craftsmanship, bringing them to new life.

Affettatrice Berkel

In the world

In the world, we look in flea markets, junk shops, old taverns, shops, and wherever you can look for these increasingly rare to find slicers and scales.


There have been and are many difficulties, but what has pushed us and encourages us to continue is PASSION! Both ours and that of the highly specialized artisans who collaborate with us.

Worldwide delivery

We are able to ship Vintage Berkel slicers in all countries of the world, chosing the safest and fastest carriers.


Berkel Flyweel Slicers, Electric Slicers, Scales, Coffe Grinders and more…

  • Berkel eletric slicer model 836 red

    Berkel electric slicer model 836 red with pedestal

  • Berkel slicing machine model L produced for the Italian market

    Berkel slicer model L red (for the Italian market)

  • Berkel slicing model 7 red

    Berkel slicer model 7 red

  • Berkel scale model K 5kg red

  • Berkel slicer model 20 red

    Berkel slicer model 20 red

  • Berkel slicing machine model 5 red .

    Berkel slicer model 5 red 1

  • Berkel eletric slicer model 836 red

    Berkel electric slicer model 836 red

  • U.S. Slicer Berkel model 70 red

    U.S. Berkel slicer model 70 red

  • Bilancia modello L 1kg bianca in perfetto stato di conservazione

    Berkel scale model L 1kg white (in perfect condition)

  • Bilancia Berkel sospesa 5kg

    Suspended Berkel scale 5 kg opaline plate

  • Berkel slicing machine model 9H

    Berkel slicer model 9H black

  • Affettatrice U.S. Berkel modello B prima serie

    U.S. Berkel slicer model B (Indianina)

  • Berkel slicing machine model 3

    Berkel slicer model 3 Ivory

  • Berkel slicing machine model NL ivory

    Berkel slicer model NL ivory

  • Berkel slicing machine model NL red

    Berkel Slicer model NL red

  • Berkel slicing model 7 red for the Italian

    Berkel slicer model 7 red (for the Italian market)

Berkel History

Wilhelmus Adrianus Van Berkel was born at Enschot, Holland, on 5th February 1869 and died at Montreaux, Switzerland, on 11th December 1952.
He was a butcher with a great passion for mechanics. His brains, urged by necessity to improve the old cut tools, induced him to invent the first mechanical slicing machine of his times and called it “Berkel Model A”.

Wilhelmus Adrianus Van Berkel

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Berkel slicer model 21/8H third series yellow

Affettatrice Berkel modello 21/8H terza serie verniciata in giallo…
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